“For me, styling and art direction have two purposes – to help tell a story without words, and to enhance the innate natural beauty present in people, objects and places. Whether I am working with an individual, character, scene, or on a book page, it is the distilling of these ‘stories’ into effortlessly pleasing and purely visual form that excites my enthusiasm for disciplines I work in, and the people I work with.”

Jane Field is an experienced multi-disciplinary stylist, art director and author whose work crosses the boundaries of film, television and print. Her work has been recognised and awarded internationally.

Jane established her styling career with work for many esteemed stills photographers. She rapidly progressed from the still image into moving pictures, and for a decade worked in costume design for advertising and film.

Her clients have included global brands such as Nike, Sainsbury’s, VO5, Samsung, the BBC,Coca-Cola and Pepsi, and she has worked with high-profile directors including Tony Scott, Jake Scott, Chris Palmer, Adam Hashemi, Tom Kingsley, Daniel Barber, Mike Matthews and Tarsem. Her work has also taken centre stage in the Oscar nominated short film ‘Tonto Woman’ and the BAFTA nominated George Clarke’s Amazing Spaces.

In 2006 she began the creation of the ‘My Cool’ lifestyle and interior book series. Each is an affectionately curated collection of life, seen through images of caravans, campervans, sheds, houseboats, kitchens and treehouses. Jane also works with George Clarke to write the book supporting the Channel 4 production, ‘Amazing Spaces’.

Jane lives in London and works with clients and creatives in film, stills and advertising around the world.

Full C.V and credits available on request

Film and Television

Costume Designer
The Tonto Woman
Dir. Daniel Barber
Oscar nominated for ‘Best Short Film’. Feat. Franceso Quinn and Charlotte Asprey

Costume Designer
‘The Hunger’ (US mini-series)
Dirs. Jake Scott, Tony Scott
Feat. Daniel Craig, Balthazar Getty, Karen Black, Lena Heady, Terence Stamp, Timothy Spall


Stylist for photographers including; Kiran Master,
Giles Revell, Seamus Ryan, Malcolm Venville,
Sophie Broadbridge


Clients have included; Nike, Barclaycard,Coca-Cola, Lexus, Microsoft, Pepsi and VO5


Author and Art Director (as Jane Field-Lewis)
My Cool CaravanMy Cool Campervan,
My Cool Kitchen, My Cool Shed, My Cool Houseboat, My Cool Treehouse and Anatomy of Sheds.

Consultant Stylist And Co-Author With George Clarke (as Jane Field-Lewis)
Amazing Spaces books to accompany the TV series

Private Client

Clients in Westminster, broadcasting and media, theatre and public life