Jane Field is an experienced multi-disciplinary stylist, art director and author whose work crosses the boundaries of film, television and print. Her work has been recognised and awarded internationally.


Jane is an award winning stylist. Her experience has grown through styling both sets and costume for high end photography, through domestic to international commercials, and short films culminating in costume designing ‘The Tonto Woman’ which was directed by Daniel Barber was nominated for an Academy Award in 2008.

Her first career was as a mental health nurse, a time that gave her a great understanding of people and opened her eyes to life in its broadest context.
Always creative, always designing Jane’s style ambition found its footing through spending downtime between shifts designing looks and making costumes for bands and art directing short films and music videos. Soon her passion won out and her styling career began.

Over time and busy freelance life, she felt the need to re-discover her own creative direction, which led to her ‘my cool…’ book series and subsequent development of C4’s hit series and Bafta nominated ‘George Clarke’s Amazing Spaces’.

Jane still styles for individuals too. Quietly and beautifully she dresses many well known faces in the public eye and on our screens.

For me, styling and art direction have two purposes – to help tell a story without words, and to enhance the innate natural beauty present in people, objects and places. Whether I am working with an individual, character, scene, or on a book page, it is the distilling of these ‘stories’ into effortlessly pleasing and purely visual form that excites my enthusiasm for disciplines I work in, and the people I work with.